Intelligent Design Links

Access Research Network

American Scientific Affiliation



Biologic Institute


Cal State Fullerton Evolution Page

Center for Science & Culture

Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences

Courses taught by William A. Dembski


Design Inference

Discovery Institute

Encyclopedia of Science and Philosophy

Evolution-Creation Web

Evolutionary Informatics

Genome Engineering

God & Science

James Shapiro Homepage

Johnson’s Bookmarks

ID Primer

ID Update

ID News Feed

ID Podcast

ID- The Future News Feed

Intelligent Design & Science Education


Illustra Media

Molecular Information Theory


New Scientist

Particle Adventure

Periodic Table




Reasons To Believe

Research & Reason

Scientific American

Talk origin

Teaching Origins Science In Public Schools


The Third Way

Utah Law Review 39 2000

Recommended Books

Endless Forms

Design of Life

Evolution: A View from the 21st Century

Intelligent Design

Information Theory


No Free Lunch

Origins of Life

From DNA To Diversity

Shape of Life

Signature in the Cell

Studies in Neurophilosophy

The Design Revolution

The Design Matrix

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