Intelligent Design News

Egnor: Why Neuroscience Points to a Soul

Fine Tuning: You Don’t Suck! (Science Uprising 04)  

Long Noncoding RNAs Extend the Case for Creation

What Does “Semantic Information” Mean?

Rewriting Human Origins, Ongoing in East Asia

Mitochondria Are Not Alphaproteobacteria

The Third Way

The Scientist Who Scrambled Darwin’s Tree of Life

Free Science

Neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield on Free Will

How to hack your unconscious mind

Inside the Machine Room of the Nucleus

The Problem with “Bad Design” Arguments

New Genetic Study Seriously Challenges Darwin’s ‘Theory Of Evolution’

A Genetically Engineered Case for a Creator

Hawking’s Final Word on the Beginning

Genetics Leaves Central Dogma and Junk DNA in the Rear-View Mirror

Hamilton’s Rule is Incoherent and Circular Reasoning

Genetic Code Complexity Just Tripled

A Biochemical Watch Found in a Cellular Heath

Engineers’ Muse: The Design of Biochemical Systems

Junk DNA


Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Reality

Mutations: How They Work and Which Worldview They Favor

“Built-In” Causality Allows Universe’s Habitability

Multiverse Musings: Exercise Caution

Have Quantum Physicists Disproved the Big Bang?

Neo-Darwinism Struggles to Explain the Biogeographical Distribution

Squid Recodes Its Own RNA

Rethinking the Latest Evidence for Inflation

How the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology Points to Design

Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God

Convergent Evolution Challenges Darwinism and Destroys the Logic Behind Common Ancestry

Protein Quality Control Surprise

Bill Nye, Nicholas Wade, and the Origin of Human Color Vision

Universe, Planet, Proteins…It’s Fine-Tuning All the Way Down

When Humans Make a Simplified Imitation of a Cell Machine, It’s Called Design

The First Mechanical Gear in a Living Creature

Massive Genetic Study Confirms Birds Arose in “Big Bang”-Type of “Explosion”

Newly Discovered Convergent Genetic Evolution Between Bird and Human Vocalization

Enzyme Families–Shared Evolutionary History or Shared Design?

Is Evolution True? Laying Out the Logic, Part 2

Recalling Nana’s Face: Does Your Brain Store Memories?

Matching Darwin’s “Tree of Life,” the “Tree of Intelligence” Comes Crashing Down

The Science Fictions series at your fingertips: the human mind

Do We Live in a “Golden Ratio” Universe?

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe for Intelligent Life

Is the Whale Pelvis a Vestige of Evolution?

Stephen C. Meyer and Keith Fox debate intelligent design and evolution

Michael Behe and Keith Fox debate theistic evolution vs intelligent design

Revolutionary Biology

Physicist Lee Spetner Shows Why Convergence Challenges Neo-Darwinian Evolution

Protein Folding: A Materialist’s Nightmare

“Are We Really Conscious?”: A Reply to Dr. Graziano’s Brain

Physics professor tells students scientific evidence points to a ‘designer’

Does evolutionary theory need a rethink?

Scientists Uncover a Good Purpose for Long-Lasting Pain in Animals

Whale Hips: Another Icon of Darwinian Evolution, Vestigial Structures, Takes a Hit

Darwin’s “Horrid Doubt”: The Mind

Argument for Suboptimal Design of the Eye “Is Folly”

Dr. Walter Bradley explains the requirements for life of any imaginable kind

MicroRNAs Still Do Not Support an Evolutionary “Tree of Life”

Meet the electric life forms that live on pure energy

Why Does Biology Still Have the Ability to Surprise Us?

Standardized Genetic Design of Electric Fish Stuns Biologists

Ontogenetic Information that Cannot Arise from Neo-Darwinian Mechanisms

Group of Darwin-Skeptical Scientists Seeking a “Third Way”

The Proteome” Another Information Rich Library

Lynn Margulis: Evolutionist and Critic of Neo-Darwinism

The Search for Our Earliest Ancestors: Signals in the Noise

BIO Complexity Paper Supports ID, Behe

Critiquing ‘A Universe From Nothing,’ by Krauss

How Dual-Use Codons Challenge Statistical Methods for Inferring Natural Selection

Regulation, Necessity, and the Misinterpretation of Knockouts

ID News Feed

Concepts in Protein Folding

Evolution & Origin of BioInformation

RTB News Updates

ID Update

ID- The Future News Feed

International Stratigraphic

A One-Man Clade

Findings Shed Light on Complexity of Butterflies

Understanding Vertebrate Brain Evolution

Evolutionary origins of the avian brain

Mechanical Gears Discovered on Planthopper Insects

Origin-of-Life Theorists Push Meager “New Organics in Meteorites” Story

Wagner: We “Know Little” about How “Innovations Originate”

Demolishing Darwin’s Tree: Eric Bapteste and the Network of Life

Hopeless Matzke


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