Its No Longer Cool To Be A Democrat, It’s Hate

See also: examples of leftist hate below the video.


Examples of hate among Liberals, Progressives, Democrats:

FYI, Saying ‘men aren’t women’ Now Qualifies as ‘hateful conduct’ on Twitter

Rutgers University Withdraws Punishment For Professor Who Said He “Hates White People”

CNN: All Pro-Trump White Women Are ‘Racist,’ Benefit from ‘White Supremacy’

MAGA Hat-Wearing Trump Supporter Attacked, Ankle Broken in 4 Places

I Spent 6 Hours Tweeting About 573 Instances Of Leftist Violence, Because CNN Says It Doesn’t Exist

A Brief History Of Leftist Political Violence This Year

Steve Scalise Shooter Was a Loony Leftist

Don Lemon: ‘The Biggest Terror Threat in This Country Is White Men’ | Breitbart

603 Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

Videos: Violence Against Trump Supporters 

Georgetown Prof: White GOP Senators in Kavanaugh Hearing ‘Deserve Miserable Deaths’

Ann Coulter: No More Mr. White Guy

List of 70 Assaults by Violent Democrats

Course claims ‘objectivity’ is a ‘white mythology’

Group of Professors: Math is “unjust” and “oppressive” to minority students

New York Times’ New Editorial Board Member Celebrated “Dumbass F**king White People” Going Extinct

Reporters, Celebs Call Trump-Supporters “Nazis”, “KKK”, Want Them “Euthanized” After Tampa Rally

Leftists blast ‘Queer Eye’ star for declaring ‘not all Republicans are racist.’

Harvard Medical School: White doctors not welcome here anymore

Drexel University Lauds Professor Who Wished For ‘White Genocide’

Peter Fonda who suggested on Twitter that 12-year-old Barron Trump be caged with pedophiles

A socialist student group at Iowa State University called for the hanging and extermination of all “capitalists.”

Mathematics is…Whiteness ,

Obama’s Artist Portrays White Girl Beheaded by Empowered Black Woman

Professor: White people who do yoga guilty of ‘power, privilege, and oppression’

Meritocracy Is a ‘Tool of Whiteness,’ Claims Math Professor

NPR Music Critic: Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Halftime Performance Embodies ‘White Male Privilege’

Libs Claim Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Mascot Racist

Exclusive: Google AI Listed Republican Party As ‘Nazism’

Schumer voted no on judicial nominee because he is white

University departments endorse Campus Antifa Network

University hosting ‘privilege’ workshops for ‘white folks’

UC Berkeley protests against Milo Yiannopoulos turn violent

University of Texas: masculinity is a “mental health issue.”

Video: The War on Men

SJW censorship of Halloween is spreading like wildfire

Far-Left Group Calls For Murdering Republicans as Revenge For Florida School Shooting

Scientific American: ‘Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns?’ Because They’re Uneducated Racists?

Fired Engineer Damore Sues Google For Discrimination Against White Male Conservatives

CUNY Prof: ‘The White-Nuclear Family Is One Of The Most Powerful Forces Supporting White Supremacy’

BuzzFeed Says Skincare is a White Supremacist Conspiracy

Donna Brazile Says She “Feared For Her Life” After Seth Rich Was Killed

Reporters, Celebs Call Trump-Supporters “Nazis”, “KKK”, Want Them “Euthanized” After Tampa Rally

‘I Am So Sick of White Guys’: Liberals Celebrate Christmas With White People Are Bad Themed Adult Coloring Book

Academic: Professors Must Prevent ‘Assimilation’ Of ‘Whiteness’

As Women March, Ohio State Course Reprimands “White Heterosexual Masculinity”

Far-Left Group Calls For Murdering Republicans as Revenge For Florida School Shooting

Don’t Blame Mental Illness for Mass Shootings; Blame Men

‘You’re A Hater’: Tucker Takes On Supporter Of Violent Truck Ad

U. Of Penn Teaching Aide: I “Always” Call On Black Female Students First, White Men Last

Feminist college professor says women should hate men based on their gender



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