Putin & Obama Are in Cahoots

With so much of our news being completely fabricated, false, and staged in recent years, it is increasingly difficult to decide what is real and what is not. For example, when I heard about the shooting in Oregon, my first thought was that it was another false flag like the fictitious and poorly staged Sandy Hook shootings. No doubt the globalists are feverishly pushing for end game and one thing we know for sure is that end game for Obama is the complete destruction of the United States. Everything he does to that end is carefully orchestrated. Therefore I don’t believe the Obama administration was so retarded as to not see the Russian build up in Syria. Deeply consider the following two articles and draw your own conclusions:

  1. Obama caught on mic: ‘After my election I have more flexibility’ (VIDEO)

On Monday while President Obama was taking part in a global nuclear security summit in South Korea, he was caught on tape asking for Russian President Dmitri Medvedev for “space.”

This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama implored.

2. The Fog Of “Everything”: Why America’s Eternally Caught Off Guard In The Middle East

To turn to even more recent events in CENTCOM’s bailiwick, American officials were reportedly similarly stunned as September ended when Russia reached a surprise agreement with U.S. ally Iraq on an anti-ISIS intelligence-sharing arrangement that would also include Syria and Iran.  Washington was once again “caught off guard” and, in the words of Michael Gordon of the Times, “left… scrambling,” even though its officials had known “that a group of Russian military officers were in Baghdad.”

Similarly, the Russian build-up of weaponry, planes, and personnel in Syria initially “surprised” and — yes — caught the Obama administration “off guard.” Again, despite those 1,500 CENTCOM analysts and the rest of the vast U.S. intelligence community, American officials, according to every news report available, were “caught flat-footed” and, of course, “by surprise” (again, right up to the president) when the Russians began their full-scale bombing campaign in Syria against various al-Qaeda-allied outfits and CIA-backed opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  They were even caught off guard and taken aback by the way the Russians delivered the news that their bombing campaign was about to start: a three-star Russian general arrived at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to offer an hour’s notice.  (Congressional lawmakers are now considering “the extent to which the spy community overlooked or misjudged critical warning signs” about the Russian intervention in Syria.)

They weren’t “surprised”. They knew. And what was it exactly that required more “flexibility”?

See also: Brandon Smith: False East/West Paradigm, Putin is a Globalist

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