Saudi Arabia Is A Cultural Shithole

Multiculturalist Liberals love to defend Obama’s darling- the gay executing, woman hating shit hole called Saudi Arabia

Here are a few examples:

LGBT rights in Saudi Arabia

Eleven things women in Saudi Arabia can’t do

The New York Post Reports – FBI is Covering Up Saudi Links to 9/11 Attack

New Saudi King Unveils Internal Power Shake-up in Desperate Pivot Toward Increased Authoritarianism

Already 45 Beheadings in 2015 – Saudi Arabia on Pace to Easily Beat 2014’s Decapitation Level

Saudi Arabia Sentences 3 Lawyers to Jail for Tweets

Record Beheadings and the Mass Arrest of Christians – Is it ISIS? No it’s Saudi Arabia

How the NSA is Actively Helping Saudi Arabia to Crackdown on Dissent

Saudi Arabia Passes New Law that Declares Atheists “Terrorists”

One thought on “Saudi Arabia Is A Cultural Shithole

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