We Owe Germany An Apology



Dear Barack Obama (A Letter From Joseph Goebbels)

“You have somehow convinced the Obama Youth any fact that is “divisive” (I love that word) is not worth knowing. If someone points out a failure, you blame the previous administration, and 50% of the voters blindly agree. You made politics about pop culture and fashion, and now the Dumb Community worships you. You’ve convinced the nation that begot “Don’t Tread on Me” that it needs a government that “cares about them.” Amazing. You’ve turned them into dependent infants.”


I have devoted a considerable amount of time to the question of how, in the most educated society at the time and with such educated soldiers, the horrors of Nazism could have arisen. Perhaps, Weikart’s “From Darwin to Hitler” was the best and most comprehensive source I reviewed. I think there is yet still the temptation of many Americans to want to shake the German and ask “How could you have let that happen?”. But now I know how it could have happened because I am witnessing the same processes unfold in my own country. I am witnessing the thought police, the Correctness, the marshaling of the language that tolerates no dissent, the spying, militarization of government agencies, and the false flag attacks that prime us for war. Our CIA differs little from the SS- only in their selectivity in whom they murder, not ethically nor in principle. Earlier this year, I concluded that this country, its citizens, especially in California, are too far gone to be influenced by the ideas of autonomy, liberty, or anything that demands rational effort. The once proud, innovative, brave, and smart American people are now so far dumbed down and apathetic that what is coming is inevitable. You can put the typical American in a FEMA camp and as long as they have their Facebook, Kim Kardashian’s generous haunches, and the NFL, they would hardly notice. Americans today would sell their freedom for a bowl of soup. Without hyperbole, I think we are re-living 1930’s Germany and are recreating its war machine.


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