Sycophantic New York Times: Obama’s Fax Machine

Amid Assurances on Ebola, Obama Is Said to Seethe

So according to the NYT, we are to believe that President Obola is really upset about the way his administration is handling the Ebola scare. As if he really doesn’t want to deliberately thin out and punish the American herd for its history of colonialism and wealth building capitalism…as if American lives take precedence over his immigration policy aimed at creating a permanent underclass of Democrat voters….and as if the CDC is not deliberately encouraging the spread of this disease with its unbelievably stupid policies and talking points. And naming Ron Klain, architect of the failed Solyndra scam and known political hack with no background in medicine to be the Ebola Czar? That’s not a strong indication Obola is here to take care of Ebola business.

But really, if Obola was serious about disease prevention, he would stop encouraging immigration from the stricken countries. On the contrary, he is doing just the opposite. The only way to get Obola to stem immigration, particularly from stricken countries? Convince him that the immigrants are Republicans and Libertarians- the borders would be immediately shut down.

Sadly, our Democrat friends think they will somehow be immune to Obola’s radical, Marxist, America despising policies.


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