National Think Tank Launches Attack On NSA


National Think Tank Launches Attack On NSA: The Secret To Killing It? Water

This is how we fight back: Putting this into play against the NSA means passing the 4thAmendment Protection Act in states around the country (model legislation here)

The Act bans the state from assisting the NSA or providing any material support.

For example, in Utah, where the new data center is coming on line, the NSA computers there require a stunning 1.7 million gallons of water per day to keep from overheating. They are already having problems with metldowns at the massive facility, and the water to cool it is being provided by the State of Utah.

Under the 4th Amendment Protection Act, Utah would be banned from doing this. No water = no NSA data center (emphasis added).

But it’s not just Utah.  There are similar facilities in Texas, Washington, Colorado, Hawaii, Tennessee, Georgia, and West Virginia.   There’s 166 Universities around the country that have partnered with NSA as research centers.  And local law enforcement has a very symbiotic relationship with warrantless data collected by the NSA.  It’s being passed down to locals through the DEA’s Special Operations Division – and back upstream through Fusion Centers.

Passage of the 4th Amendment Protection Act would attack NSA’s needs and spying capabilities at all these strategic points, and more.

We asked if it can work:

Absolutely, 20+ states are slowly, but surely, putting nails in the coffin of federal marijuana prohibition.  Other states are taking the same path with industrial hemp production.

In the 1850’s, Northern States were so effective using legislation like this against the Fugitive Slave Act that South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas all complained about it as nullification when issuing statements outlining their reasons for leaving the Union.

The 4th Amendment Protection Act is just the first step of a comprehensive plan to stop the NSA’s mass-spying program.  At, we’re building a strong coalition that crosses traditional political lines.

From the Tenth Amendment Center and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, to, DownsizeDC, and Revolution Truth, we’re focusing on a single goal. Starting today, we’re setting aside differences to push back against the NSA. Working together, we can turn it off (emphasis added).

Boldin tells us in an exclusive interview:

We’re not really trying to convince people that the NSA’s mass surveillance program is wrong. There are millions of people around the world who already agree with this. We are, however, working to show people what to do about it. The solution, as James Madison and Thomas Jefferson advised, starts in the states.

The NSA relies on your state in many ways. Whether it’s information sharing with local law enforcement, partnerships with 166 universities to do research and recruiting for the NSA, or states like Utah providing the water to the NSA data center to keep it operational, passage of the state-level 4th Amendment Protection Act would turn that cooperation off.

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