Must Read: Obama’s Treason

Obama’s Treason & the Disgraceful Intellectuals Obscuring his Anti-American Mission


What exactly is it about socialism that attracts such illogical, undying, uncritical, and blind devotion—even in the face of overwhelming evidence this theory is utterly flawed? Or, is there some universal rule which dictates that intellectuals, Hollywood players and so-called journalists must be liberal, socialist, Marxist or communists?

And, why does America create such waves of revulsion in these same liberals? Finally, why must these progressives do everything in their powers to obscure the agenda and acts of other Marxists, even those in high office harming the traditional interests of the US?

In the absence of a better theory, one must deduct that in many important ways, leftism acts like a godless pseudo-religion, or cult. For it seems to have all of the burdens of a religious worldview, without any of the benefits. Most alarmingly, Marxism has been the single most destructive set of beliefs in world history.

America staggers from one contrived disaster to another, as Barack—god of chaos—cackles up his sleeve while pretending to be an icon of rectitude, restraint and moral probity. Meanwhile, the stable of mainstream journalists cheer as if Obama just cured cancer. The list of president-made debacles swells daily. Today it’s the sea of illegals surging across domestic borders, quickly whisked into the country, whereas overseas we’re informed the world’s first terror-state is being implemented between Iraq and Syria. Yesterday, it was the trading of 5 Taliban generals for an army deserter. Tomorrow it could be any number of currently unfathomable decisions by Barack, knowing full well the GOP does not have the stones to impeach him.

Judge Richard Posner, in Public Intellectuals, A Study in Decline, claims that a large problem in the failure of public intellectuals is their overspecialization at the university. But more important than this is Julien Benda’s claims that intellectuals must refrain from bias when disseminating information. Yet the most obvious aspect of most public intellectuals is their very obvious affection for Marx’s ideas

What exactly was it that made America such a horrible place that Barack was sent by the dark lord to destroy us? The Emotivism of the intellectual class, the emotional decision making of progressives dressed up as the fruit of hard-minded analytic philosophy, is a key problem. Not just because Marxism can only be supported by childish infatuation, but because it is bred-in-the-bone, and delivered as if like mother’s milk to these young, intellectually deformed progressive drones. So, it’s cherished like a family myth or religious rite.

Or as Paul Kengor describes in The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor, Obama was raised by, and is communist, and needs a phalanx of Fellow Travelers to help obscure his journey to destroy USA. American intellectuals and journalists are these Fellow Travelers.

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III. Emotivism: Spirit of Modern Liberalism is Emotionalism

After Virtue

Is proper belief based upon passionately stubborn emotion that refuses to give in? Alasdair MacIntyre, in After Virtue, claims the spirit of modern political debate has degenerated into “emotivism,” or emotional claims pretending to be moral claims regarding truth and ethics. He defines emotivism here:

Emotivism is the doctrine that all evaluative judgments and more specifically all moral judgments are nothing but expressions of preference, expressions of attitude or feeling, insofar as they are moral or evaluative in character.

Modern liberals who embrace emotivism are merely claiming that what they prefer morally is also “true.” MacIntyre claims there are profound problems with this idea. Feelings are not statements about truth. There are many things in life that produce warm and fuzzy feelings, but which in hindsight turn out to be misleading. Yet, modern intellectuals are constantly smuggling their Marxist conclusions into their analysis, pretending the conclusions are inevitably the result of cold logic instead of bias. Yet, since many Marxists pick up their beliefs in school, it is closer to a religious affection than anything else, and therefore defies reasonable scrutiny.

The problem with literally the entire world of liberalism is that emotion has replaced logic, historical study, and common sense. In other words, entire lifetimes are wasted by these people arguing emotionally based beliefs which are utterly disprovable and disproved. For example, it hardly matters how much one “cares for the poor” if the policies one supports make their problems worse.

The upshot is that a theory like Emotivism is made necessary when the things which one believes are either patently false or have been disproved by history. Both of these categories of disproof apply to Marxism.

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