Benghazi: A Brief Summary

Here’s why what happened in Benghazi is important and consequential: From the Benghazi “Consulate”, the U.S. State Dept. was running arms to Syrian rebels- a collection of terrorists including Al-Qaeda. Obama supports these terrorists for two reasons: one he has a soft spot for Islamofascists and two, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are enemies of Syria and Iran. The latter especially threatens the petrodollar with its intent to sell oil without using a dollar reserve. As the world reserve currency, the petrodollar enables Americans to consume more than they produce and allows politicians, the Fed, and the U.S. Treasury to run outrageous debts. Loss of the dollar reserve currency would spell economic disaster for the United States. For this reason, the U.S. is a puppet of Saudi Arabia and other countries selling oil only in U.S. dollars. Blood for oil? Not really- we have plenty of oil, especially with new techniques in fracking. More accurately, it is blood for the petrodollar- the ability of the U.S. government to spend multiplied trillions of which Democrats lead the charge. Obama and Clinton left Americans to die at the hands of Benghazi terrorists and tried to cover it up- blaming it on a video. Obama, however, had to back down on his plans to attack Syria because Russia and China, both of which back Syria, could crash the dollar by dumping huge amounts of American debt on world markets.

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