Oh Those Poor Poor New Yorkers!

NYC Socialists elect Bloomberg and de Blasio and then wonder why they are so poor! It wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with New York’s high taxes and tyrannical government regulation now, would it? Sorry folks- anyone who votes for a de Blasio deserves to suffer and it couldn’t happen to a better bunch of liberals. Let’s see what happens when Wall Street decides to dodge high New York taxes and moves the market to, say, Atlanta.

Nearly Half of New Yorkers Are Struggling to Get By, Study Finds

“But under a broader definition of poverty that the city applies, the picture remains grim for a far larger number of New Yorkers.

As in 2011, 46 percent, or nearly half of New Yorkers, were making less than 150 percent of the poverty threshold, a figure that describes people who are struggling to get by.”

See also: Mayor De Blasio’s Attempt to Shut Down Top-Performing Schools

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